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Why The Sled Is So Effective

The sled is one of the best pieces of equipment because of how versitile they are: you can drag it, push it, attach cables to it - the options are endless.

Why The Sled Is So Effective2019-12-03T17:30:12-05:00

Proper Technique For Step-ups

We're talking about stepups!  It's easy to get relaxed with this movement, so we want to make you know the proper technique with this video.

Proper Technique For Step-ups2019-12-03T17:25:28-05:00

Do More To Be More

In this video we talk about doing More! Whatever your goal is, make that goal something more. You will realize that it will help you get to your goal even faster.

Do More To Be More2019-12-03T17:27:48-05:00

Explaining Our Athletic Performance Program

One of our premier programs at Elite is our young athlete coaching. We coach athletes at the middle school, high school, collegiate and professional levels. Our Athlete program has a core focus on strength training.

Explaining Our Athletic Performance Program2019-12-03T14:11:11-05:00

Rolling Out the Bottom of Your Feet

Taking care of your feet puts you in position to take care of the rest of your body. Rolling out the bottom of your feet helps tremendously. Here's how to do it.

Rolling Out the Bottom of Your Feet2019-11-21T22:37:13-05:00

Rotational Power in Sports

Rotational power and strength are extremely important for performance in all sports. Watch this series of exercises to build rotational power and strength.

Rotational Power in Sports2019-11-27T22:00:52-05:00

How Head Position Dictates Everything

Our head position in exercise can be difficult to control but it's crucial for avoiding injury. Check out this video to hear John explain this and techniques to maintain head position.

How Head Position Dictates Everything2019-11-21T22:27:15-05:00

How to Properly Do a Tiger Stretch

Check out this video for how we teach the Tiger stretch. It's a great stretch for warm-ups and also to throw in between other parts of your workout to make them even more effective.

How to Properly Do a Tiger Stretch2019-11-21T22:04:32-05:00

Delaying Gratification

It's easy to fall back after we reach a fitness goal. But by delaying that gratification a little longer, you can reach a level of success that you did not think was possible. Learn more in this video.

Delaying Gratification2019-11-21T20:45:15-05:00