Personal Group Fitness

Our Personal Group Fitness Program is the only one of its kind. We know… we created it!

We design a custom exercise program for every person in our program and coach them through their workout in a group setting. Our program is designed using leading science in the Strength and Conditioning field and our experience from the last 10 years coaching people to become stronger, lose body fat and gain confidence.

Schedule an Intro Class

Get an inside look at Elite! Schedule an Intro Class and meet with an Elite coach who will walk you through an entire workout, start to finish, in a no-pressure environment.

Types of Classes Available

This program grants you access to over 45 different class times throughout the week. Come when it is most convenient for you and we’ll coach you through everything!

How we start new members:

1. Start with an Intro Class

We start you with an Intro Class ($25) on a Strength Class (MWF) and an Elite coach will walk you through an entire workout. This workout is not meant to kick your butt! It allows you to get an inside look at Elite, meet our coaches and the #EliteNation (our Fitness Family Members!) and for us to get an idea of your abilities, limitations, strength level and mobility so we can effectively create your personalized exercise program.

2. Join a Membership!

At the end of the Intro Class we explain all our options for joining a membership at Elite. Our memberships are a monthly payment on the 1stof every month (prorated when you join) and prices depend on how many sessions per week and time commitment. If you choose to join, we welcome you into the #EliteNation and the fun begins!

We want to be the perfect fit for you and will do the best we can to refer you to another facility if you do not feel we are a match.