Personal Group Fitness

We design a custom exercise program for every person in our program and coach them through their workout in a group setting. Our program is designed using leading science in the Strength and Conditioning field and our experience from the last 10 years coaching people to become stronger, lose body fat and gain confidence.

Schedule an Intro Session

Get an inside look at Elite! Schedule an Intro Session and meet with an Elite coach who will walk you through an entire workout, start to finish, in a no-pressure environment.

Types of Sessions Available

We help you make a change you can do, and give results you can see!

Our entire facility is based on individual coaching. We don’t like traditional group workouts and decided to change that. Our Personal Group Fitness gives every single person a 4-week exercise program designed to keep you pain-free, give you that push you need, and get you one step closer to your goals!

Get Started at Elite in 2 Easy Steps:

Step 1. Intro Session

We start you with an Intro Session ($59) where we sit down with you, go over your goals/injuries/what you are looking for and then we go through a very basic strength session. This workout is not meant to kick your butt! It allows you to get an inside look at Elite and a chance to meet our coaches and members. During this session, we will get an idea of your abilities, limitations, strength level, and mobility so we can effectively create your personalized exercise program.

Step 2. Join a Membership

We’ll work together to make sure you are accomplishing your goals. Using a personalized program, designed for you after your intro session, we will coach you through each workout. Our coaches ensure you are being pushed, cared for, and that your program is being adjusted as needed. Every 4 weeks you will get a new, customized program to help you get closer to your goals.

You have access to over 45 training sessions/week. You decide when to join us and we’ll give you everything we have each time you visit.

Our goal is to make sure the hour you are at Elite is the best hour of your day.