Athletic Performance

Our Athletic Performance training is the core of all of our programs. We create specialized strength and conditioning plans to help your athlete increase strength, gain speed and dramatically improve their game day conditioning.

Schedule an Initial Assessment

Schedule your initial assessment to meet with an Elite Coach for a Total-Body Strength Evaluation & Speed Analysis!

Our Elite Athletic Performance Program is for athletes of any sport from high school to the professional level. We have worked with thousands of athletes and our coaches have over 10 years of experience in Speed and Strength Development.

The Elite Athlete Program is the total package for any athlete looking to increase their speed, strength, and confidence!

Once your athlete goes through our Initial Assessment ($59) we create a personalized program based on their goals/needs and coach them in a small group setting.

No matter what training option you choose (2-4 sessions/week) you have access to all session times/days. We have an app that allows the athletes to schedule when they will be coming to train.

Summer 2022 Schedule (July 5 – August 19)

Monday through Thursday
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (High School Juniors/Seniors and College Athletes only)
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Get Started at Elite in 2 Easy Steps:

Step 1. Initial Assessment

We do a thorough speed and strength analysis of every athlete. We are looking to see where an athlete excels and where we can help them the most. Following a strength evaluation, we videotape your athlete sprinting and provide an analysis for how we can help them become more efficient, effective, faster, and stronger.

We use this first session to gather the information necessary to prepare a month of entirely individualized training materials. Following the evaluation, athletes execute personalized training materials in a small group setting.

Step 2. Start Training

Active Dynamic Warm-Up: The coach leads the group through an active dynamic warm-up. This is where we make sure our athletes are prepared to move at the best of their ability and minimize injury.

Strength Focus: After the warm-up, the group will be separated to ensure safety and the coach will help each athlete through their program. Each athlete receives a 4-week program and will get a new program at the end of each. Athletes keep track of their weights and the coaches modify/guide the athletes to success.

Speed Development: We end each session focusing on increasing our athlete’s ability to put force into the ground, practice mastering proper speed mechanics and sprint. We have different focuses each day and coach each athlete differently based on what they personally need to improve upon.

If you are looking to increase speed, strength, and confidence then enter your information above and we will reach out ASAP to get you started!

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