Athletic Performance

Our Athletic Performance training is the core of all of our programs. We create specialized strength and conditioning plans to help your athlete increase strength, gain speed and dramatically improve their game day conditioning.

Schedule an Intro Class

Get an inside look at Elite! Schedule an Intro Class and meet with an Elite coach who will walk you through an entire workout, start to finish, in a no-pressure environment.

How it Works

Our program is for athletes of any sport from 12 yrs old to the professional level. We have worked with thousands of athletes and even have professional athletes train with us during their off-season.

The Owner of Elite Personal Fitness (John Mossotti) is also the Strength and Conditioning Coach at West Genesee High School for all Varsity Sports. We have the experience and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t for specific athletes.

Just like our Personal Group Fitness program we treat every athlete differently. Each athlete has specific needs and their training should focus on those needs.

Get your athlete started today:

1. Start with an Intro Class/Session

We start you with an Intro Class ($25 for group training) or Intro Session ($49 for personal training) and an Elite coach will walk your athlete through an entire workout. This allows you and your athlete to get an inside look at Elite, meet our coaches but gives us to get an idea of your athlete’s abilities, limitations, strength level and mobility. This is extremely important in the process so we can effectively create a personalized exercise program for your athlete.

Depending on what your athlete needs depends on what we will be doing in the session. Example: If you athlete needs help on their 40 yrd dash/running form we will need to see them run. If they are coming back from an injury it will be specifically looking at their limitations and strength. The sessions depend on the needs of the athlete

2. Start Training!

At the end of the Intro Class we explain all our options to start training at Elite. Our prices depend on how many sessions/week your athlete will train with us in a group or personal setting.