A Different Kind of Gym

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a supportive community that inspires you to create lasting change in your health and wellness.

We make this possible by sharing our continually growing expertise through personal group fitness, athletic training, personal training and nutrition counseling.

Our Team

With a combined 15 years in the health and fitness industry, the Elite staff is armed with the tools to help you reach your goals.

John Mossotti


Education: B.S. Human Performance and Health Promotion
Former West Genesee High School Strength and Conditioning Coach
Certifications: CPPS Level 1 Certified, TFW Level 1 Certified, CPR & First Aid

Being an athlete most of my life I found myself in the weight room at a young age trying to become a better, more confident athlete. After becoming addicted to how amazing exercise made me feel, I started dreaming of opening my own gym. In 2015 that dream came true but before that came to fruition, I coached people in every setting that you can imagine. While in college for my bachelor’s degree I did over 2000 hours of internships working with high school track teams, training people right out of joint replacement surgeries and most of those 2000 hours completed were at the Human Performance Building at Upstate.

After college I started working with young to professional level athletes. During that time, I started creating my “Personal Group Fitness” program. I had a group of clients that had very specific needs but all looking to accomplish the same goal. Get stronger, feel better and drop body fat. Putting my experience in program design and education together I started creating personalized exercise programs for every client, but they all exercised together. This is when I created the program we now do at Elite, Personal Group Fitness. No matter what your injuries, strength level or mobility limitations we create personalized exercise programs that you are coached through in a group setting.

Opening EPF in 2015, we started with a few clients and in less than 3 years later Elite has multiple full-time professional coaches on staff and hundreds of members benefitting from our custom exercise programs. At Elite we are insanely focused on being professionals in our field. That means that we only give you workouts that make you better, not just hard workouts with no science behind them. We can explain the why behind everything we do.

Our expertise in creating these programs designed for results helped me become the first Strength and Former Conditioning Coach at West Genesee High School (and in Central NY).

Our goal at Elite is to continue to help people transform their lives through health and fitness and have serious fun while doing so!

Sierra Earle


Education: B.S. Human Biology
Certifications: CPPS Level 1 Certified, CPR & First Aid

Sports, field hockey specifically, have always been an instrumental part of my life. As I transitioned from high school to playing field hockey in college, I quickly realized the importance of strength and conditioning and its impact on my playing abilities.

My passion for sports and the human body drove me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology. As my focus shifted towards my training during college, I was coached by John. He ultimately sparked my interest in Strength and Conditioning, resulting in an internship with them the summer before my senior year truly paving the way for me.

Having always dreamed of coaching field hockey, my internship showed me that not only did I want to coach my favorite sport but solidified that COACHING is my passion.  After I graduated from college, I was asked to coach the JV Field Hockey team at Baldwinsville. Being from Baldwinsville it is great to be back coaching my old team for over 4 years now.

After John posted a coaching position at Elite I reached out and knew it was meant for me.  Not even a year later I became a full-time coach and am now the Manager for Elite. I have learned that I have a burning desire to help others, wanting nothing other than to help bring them success. Nothing makes me happier and brings a smile to my face more then to watch others become successful in reaching their goals.

Christian Matos


Education: Master of Science Education, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology/Fitness Development, CSCS, DCT
Certifications: CPPS Level 1 Certified, CPR & First Aid

Ever since I was young, I remember wanting to have the same passion for something just like, Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter). He was so passionate about his life’s work and that left a lasting impression on me to find what my passion would be. I had always been involved with sports, but it always felt like a forced endeavor. However, one thing that always seemed to appeal to me was the weight room workouts we did for those sports; thus, I began lifting more than playing the sport itself. I’ve ventured down several avenues since then. After becoming a Muay Thai Kickboxer, I started participating in actual strength classes and a few years later moved onto gymnastics training. My life seems to be a list of sporadic shifts from one facet of fitness to next until I scored my first coaching job in recreational gymnastics.

The next two years of my life would be spent coaching children, then intermediate, all the way to top tier women’s gymnastics. It was about a year into coaching I decided to pursue my fitness and coaching passions at SUNY Cortland to study Kinesiology. After arriving at Cortland, I was introduced to Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting, where I would find myself in love with these sports. I have now accomplished things I never thought possible for myself. I remember very clearly the last day of my third semester, I deadlifted 600lbs for the first time, and the joy I felt beat any good grade or praise I have ever received.

Just like Steve Irwin, I had found my passion to continue my story, and after my time at Cortland I was ready to keep on growing that passion. I became the Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach at Le Moyne College, where I would receive my Master’s in Science Education. Presently, I am a competitive powerlifter and my goal is to help the #EliteNation reach their goals and accomplish my long term goal of deadlifting 800lbs.

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