Building Momentum

Motivation is your downfall... What you need is momentum!

Building Momentum2020-02-26T12:02:39-05:00

Do More To Be More

In this video we talk about doing More! Whatever your goal is, make that goal something more. You will realize that it will help you get to your goal even faster.

Do More To Be More2019-12-03T17:27:48-05:00

Delaying Gratification

It's easy to fall back after we reach a fitness goal. But by delaying that gratification a little longer, you can reach a level of success that you did not think was possible. Learn more in this video.

Delaying Gratification2019-11-21T20:45:15-05:00

Create Momentum

Motivation is your downfall because we feel we need it in order to make a change. Making the change in your life that you know you need isn't because of your lack of motivation. What you need is Momentum. Here's how to get it.

Create Momentum2019-11-21T22:37:52-05:00

Summer Athlete Performance Program

This Summer Elite Personal Fitness is offering a one-of-a-kind Athlete Performance Program to help athletes increase speed and strength.

Summer Athlete Performance Program2019-06-19T17:53:33-04:00

Coffee with John [Episode 22]

This Spring we teamed up with Wegman's for 10 weeks to help with their "Feel Your Best" program.

Coffee with John [Episode 22]2019-06-11T14:29:00-04:00
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