3 Techniques to Manage Tennis Elbow and Become Pain Free!

Many of us have been subjected to the horrors of tendonitis. It gets in the way of our daily activity and let’s be honest, it can really hurt!

Tennis elbow is something that needs to be micromanaged little by little each day or it can potentially worsen. Here are three proven ways to help relieve the pain and fix the problem.

  1. Self-massage is a great starting point, as it can increase blood flow to a spot on the on the body that lacks considerable blood flow to begin with. Whether it be with lotion and pushing your thumb into it, or a lacrosse ball, muscles are much easier to increase circulation to, however, tendons and ligaments are much more difficult in comparison.
  2. Another method of light treatment is slightly stretching the muscle where you feel discomfort. Our bodies tend to tense in an extreme matter around an injury to protect the structures around it, so cranking a stretch is not in our best interest, instead we should perform multiple sets of stretching with gradual increases in range of motion.
  3. Lastly, exercises can be performed to slowly increase blood flow to the surrounding area. These must be performed carefully as they can reaggravate the injury. Perform each lift with light weight, higher reps, and full control, otherwise you will create more inflammation in the long run.

Check out our video for precise instruction on exercises that can ease and lessen the pain caused by tennis elbow.

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