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We get questions all the time about supplements.

Should I be taking them? How much? From what companies?

The supplement industry is the wild west. Not regulated, doesn’t need to be FDA approved (which doesn’t mean much anyways) or held to strict standards on the accuracy of their labels.

But there are a few companies that have been proven through science, actually produce results and because of this they are incredibly successful companies.

They have been around for a long time and have a record of success.

Here’s who they are:

1st Phorm

They are most famous for their protein powder because they create their powders differently than others. Most companies flash cook their protein powder which lowers the quality and makes it harder to digest. 1st Phorm cooks theirs slowly to have the highest quality. Great company and also has a Green drink that has really high reviews.  Visit 1st Phorm


Another high quality company is most famous for their cognitive enhancers (Alpha Brain) and has all of their supplements researched to ensure they work.

They also have a high quality protein powder make from milk from cows in New Zealand that eat real grass! They have the only pre-workout I get behind because it doesn’t smash your adrenal system making you more tired than you started the workout with (Shroom Tech). Visit Onnit

Defranco Nutritional Supplements

One of the most reputable strength coaches teamed up with a doctor and created amazing products. They have a great BCAA supplement and I use their protein powders every day. If you don’t do well with Whey protein, then you can get their “No Whey Jose” protein powder.  Visit Defranco Nutritional Supplements

You can get all your supplement needs from these 3 companies. They are not in stores so you will have to order online.

Supplement wise you don’t need to go crazy, but I would recommend a protein powder for convenience. Even though I think EVERYONE should be taking Vitamin D. Otherwise it is a case by case for what you may need to supplement (if at all).

Remember they SUPPLEMENT your current nutrition plan. They make a 1% difference in your results and should never be used as a crutch.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

(ps. I don’t make any money from any of these companies by sending you their way. These are companies that I have used and researched and get nothing from. Just want you guys to have the best information.)

Talk soon,
John and the EPF Team

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