Rotational Power in Sports

Rotational power and strength are extremely important for performance in all sports.

Kicking, hitting, throwing and changing direction all use rotational power. Most movement patterns you can think of involve some sort of rotation at our core. As you can imagine athletes are constantly working on increasing their rotational power.

While rotational power is a huge focus for our athletes we also focus on anti-rotation. Anti-rotation is used to build upon our athlete’s core strength and a big part of their overall rotational power.

Anti-rotation benefits include:

  1. Rotational control (helps with injury prevention to the spine)
  2. Muscular development (strengthens your core and posterior chain overall)
  3. Increases rotational power

We have all of our athletes perform these exercises with special focus on our lacrosse, soccer, hockey, softball, baseball, football, and basketball athletes. All of the movements we show in this post help increase their core strength and power:

Lateral Med Ball Throws

Kneeling Lateral Med Ball Throws

Banded Trunk Twists

Lateral Step Out MB Slams

Pallof Band Holds

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