Nutrition Support Included

As a member of Elite Personal Fitness we strive to give you more. One way we do that is by including nutritional support with everyone’s membership. Whether you are in our athletes program, personal training or group training program, nutritional support is available to all members at no extra charge.

How we go about it is simple.

We do not try to push our members to a specific diet, but instead we talk to each member about their individual goals and tailor it to them. If you are looking for something specific like a ketogenic diet, we can help you with that as well. Our focus is to see how you are currently going about your nutrition, align that with your goals and make some tweaks to your current diet. From there we continuously check in to see how those changes are going and continuously work with you so that you are reaching your goals.

Many times our athletes and their parents have questions in regards to what they should be eating and how to keep them fueled in order to perform and meet the demands of their sport. Many adults think they are doing all the right things in regards to their nutrition but do not know why they are not seeing the results they want. Including nutritional support is what makes us unique.

Want to learn more? Schedule an intro class, or contact us with any questions. We are happy to explain our nutrition counseling with you!

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