Is Cholesterol Unhealthy?

The answer will surprise you!

Red meat, eggs, butter, whole milk, and whole fat yogurt; are all things looked down upon for their high fat content and high cholesterol profile. However, what is commonly said in the media about these food products is far from true, and has been further disproven in scientific literature.

Cholesterol “fat” from animal protein is a huge component of the production of testosterone in the body, as well as demonstrating a dense nutrient profile. What that means is it’s healthier to consume these products as a single component, rather than in conjunction with other products, which CAN make them unhealthy.

Same goes for eggs. They have a high cholesterol profile, but they have a nutrient-dense yolk that is often called, “natures multivitamin.”

Whole fat yogurt contains probiotic bacteria that aids in the healing of our gut microbiome, which drastically boosts the health of our immune system and overall wellbeing.

Hydrogenated oils  – soybean, sunflower, safflower, palm, canola, etc. – all contain extremely damaging content to our body’s health. But the worst thing of them all are refined sugars on their own and in conjunction with these oils are among one of the deadliest combinations to consume.

According to Dr, Rhonda Patrick, consuming refined sugars, and “false” (aspartame, splenda, and sucralose) sugars change the cellular structure of the microbiome in your gut, which we are now finding out leads to cancers, dementia, autism in our newborn children, etc.  She also states when hydrogenated oils are combined in our diet with refined sugars, fat gain greatly increases in possibility, and cardiovascular related mortality also drastically increases.

The moral of the story: animal proteins, eggs, milk, whole fat yogurt can easily be consumed in a healthy manor, however, there are certain man-made products that while they may not seem to be the culprit, should be avoided at all costs!

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