How To Use The Theragun

One aspect we focus on at Elite Personal Fitness is SMR work. SMR stands for Self Myofascial Release.

This as part of our warmup or cool down in the form of foam rollers, the “marshmallow” stick or lacrosse balls. The focus behind this is to work on our deep tissue and break it up to stimulate blood flow, which in turn, helps to loosen you up and prepare you for activity. It also helps speed up the recovery process by getting blood flow to the area you are working on.

We recently purchased a Theragun which is an amazing device to have! The Theragun performs percussive therapy by hitting with a certain amount of pounds the muscle you are working on. It helps to break up tissue that is deeper than normal. After using the Theragun you’ll feel like you’ve just had a massage!

Check out this video to see how we use the Theragun and help loosen up our tissue and stimulate blood flow. If you have any other questions regarding the Theragun please feel free to reach out.

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