How To Pick Your Weights

Oftentimes our members ask for help with what weight to choose when doing an exercise.

Although most is trial and error, we like to use 3 methods when choosing our weight. As John details in the video, we work with certain weights depending of everyones level and experience with strength training.

  1. The first method is more for beginners who are not as experienced. We will pick a weight which is comfortable for them to complete the repetitions for that set. From there we will stay with that same weight for the remaining sets to see how they adjust to the weight as fatigue starts to set in.
  2. The second method is for people with a little more experience. Here, they can start with a weight they can do comfortably for the amount of repetitions in that set and then start to gradually increase that weight every set.
  3. The third method is more for people who are capable and experienced with strength training. Here, we choose weights for every set with a focus more on getting volume in with a weight we know you are capable of using. For example, if we have an exercise for 4 sets, the first set is with a weight which we are capable of doing for the amount of repetitions required for that set. The second set would be with a weight that is challenging, but not a weight you would be able to continue using with the remaining sets. The last two sets, we would choose a lighter weight which you would be capable of performing for the remaining sets with the focus on getting in volume while still being challenging.

In the end, choosing weights is trial and error but once you gain experience you get better and quicker at picking the proper weight.

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