How To Get Better At Chin-ups (Or Get Your First)

In this video we show you how you can improve your chin-up or help you get your first chin-up. Chin-ups are very hard to do especially because it depends on our weight and strength level. But by following these methods you will get better at them.

The first thing to do is to perform controlled negatives. Here you are focusing on the eccentric or the lowering phase by going up to the bar and holding the chin-up position followed by lowering yourself as slow as you can.

Next we can perform chin-up holds. Here we will pull our elbows back and hold the position with our chin over the bar for a specified amount of time.

Lastly, we can improve our chin-up by performing the movement itself. As demonstrated in the video, we use band assisted chin-ups to improve our chin-up by performing the full range of motion.

Using these tips to help you improve your chin-up along with losing body fat and improving grip strength with accessory lifts will help you improve your chin-up!

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