Hamstring Closed Chain Lockouts with Distraction: A Hamstring Mobility Exercise

We have an awesome hamstring mobility exercise to show you.

These are called hamstring closed chain lockouts with distraction. The name may sound complicated, but the exercise is very simple.

For this exercise you need a band and a post or something sturdy to attach it to that will not move. The band itself will help with the “distraction” portion of the exercise. What is a distraction you might ask? It is actually performing a stretch while using a band at the crease of a joint to help you get in a better position. How will it do this? Well, in this case we are attaching the band right at our hip joint. By facing away from the post, the band will pull back on our joint and create a little bit of separation and space so that we can get a deeper and better stretch which would be hard for us to to do on our own.

Check out the rest of the video to see how this stretch is so effective for our hamstrings!

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