The Elite Accountability Challenge & How We’re Fixing “Fitness Challenges”

Over the last 10 years “fitness challenges” have become incredibly popular across the globe. Almost every gym (or internet coach) has some type of organized 4-12 week “challenge” to give people a kick start to their fitness.

Challenges (and the coaches running them) have the best intentions but have been letting people down for over a decade.

Do people get results from these challenges? Yes!

Do people keep these results from these challenges? Not really…

So when we opened Elite in 2015 and started doing challenges we focused on two things that other gyms/coaches weren’t.

1) LONG Term Success


2) Our Members Mindset

We can give you a nutrition plan that could get you to drop 50 lbs in 6 weeks… but you will gain that weight back (plus more) in the following 6 weeks. Not very helpful.

Plus people typically “count DOWN” the days left in the challenge so they can go back to what they were doing before. They weren’t given the mental tools to change that mindset so they can keep having success after the program ends.

This is where the Elite Accountability Challenge comes in…

After years of running challenges, and coaching thousands of people, I understand there needs to be more support with accountability and more of a focus on helping you become happy with yourself.

If you follow this to a “T” it will be very challenging, but the reward will be incredible.

Here is what you will be required to do every single day:

  1. Strictly Follow Your Nutrition Plan (Plans provided by us)
  2. Workout 45 Minutes Every Day (We have a class every day)
  3. Drink Half Your Bodyweight A Day In Ounces (No more than 100 oz)
  4. Take A Progress Picture Every Day (Not obligated to post it anywhere)
  5. Read 10 Pages Of A Self Help/Career Related Book (No audiobooks)

You might be thinking… “This is crazy, I can’t do this!” and if that’s your initial thought that means you need this more than anyone!

The reason for taking these steps every day is to learn to keep your word to yourself. We are ending the self-talk of “life happened” …yes, it does, but that doesn’t mean you give up on yourself.

This challenge will allow you to:
– Increase Confidence
– Maximize Your Discipline
– Belief In Yourself
– Improve Your Self Image
– Build Mental Toughness

…and, as a result, you will lose fat and gain muscle.

This is the total package. You owe it to yourself to join us.

Below are all the details of the challenge (or you can click HERE to read more!)

Intro Class: July 11th at 7:00 pm
We sit down together and create your plan for success. You will learn about the nutrition plans, training at Elite and how to set yourself mentally to thrive!

Start/End Date: July 15th – August 10th
The challenge begins July 15th, but we are not counting down the days until the end of the challenge. We are counting UP! This will be the beginning of how you will dedicate yourself to be your best… forever!

Training Options:
Option 1.  In-Person Coaching (limited to 20 people) – $249
Come to Elite every day, get a customized strength program and be coached through every workout so you get the most results and do so pain free. Unlimited access to our Online Training Program (100’s of video workouts coaching you through your workout), free nutrition plans + substitutions and 100% access to all our coaches!

Option 2.  Online Coaching – $99
Workout from home from our Online Training Program (100’s of video workouts coaching you through your workout) with free nutrition plans and 100% access to all our coaches! You will always be in contact with us and access to our private Facebook group!

If you are nervous to jump on board that’s totally normal. Don’t let it hold you back. Take the leap and dedicate these 30 days towards your TRANSFORMATION!

You are most likely operating at 20-30% of your potential – we know you’re capable of more!

Along with helping you stay accountable, you will receive professional coaching and the fastest path to success through our nutrition/training program.

Have questions? Send me an email at or call me at 315-882-2463.

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