One Row of Our Strength Program Explained

In this video we give you a sneak peek of the personal training program our members receive. Everyone at Elite Personal Fitness receives their own program and the following video will preview a row of their program.

Each row has 3 exercises. Each exercise details the amount of sets and repetitions per exercise. You will perform a set of exercise A, followed by a set of exercise B, and then a set of exercise C. After you have performed a set of each, you go back to exercise A and start the second set of each.

In this example, we use a single leg movement, followed by a mobility exercise and then an activation exercise. As we explained in a previous video, we like to have the first exercise be a main lift followed by fillers. In this case our fillers are a mobility and activation exercise, although you can be as creative as you like with your fillers. If you have any questions regarding our personal training program, please reach out to our Coaches!

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