The  History of the Elite Band Club

All of our members at Elite Personal Fitness come to us looking to achieve specific goals – from losing unwanted body fat, to building muscle and/or gaining strength. Depending on their goal it can potentially be a long process and during that time it’s very common for people to forget about how far they have come since they started.

We created the Elite Band Club to show and remind and encourage our members about how much time and dedication they have put into themselves towards achieving their goals.

What we didn’t realize when we created the Band Club is how much these bands would inspire other members – and it does! It is impressive to reach 500+ classes and when someone sees that ‘500 classes’ band it motivates them to keep going.

The Elite bands represent more than just a numbered band. Each band represents continued dedication, time, sweat, soreness, and overall joy. When a person looks down at their wrist or takes a sip of water they feel a moment of self-worth and pride that they are reaching their personal goal.

Start your journey — become a member of our Band Club by simply starting your first class!

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