Coming Back From Back Injury

Back pain is extremely common and when you throw your back out it can be debilitating. Hurting your back is similar to rolling an ankle, you need to get back to using it asap. Here are some movements you can do to help you come back from your back injury. 1. Cat-Cows x 10 -20 reps 2. Bird-Dogs x 10-20 reps 3. Plank x 15-30 secs x 1-3 sets 3. Side Planks x 15-30 secs x 1-3 sets 4. Lying Curl Up x 10-20 secs x 1-3 sets 5. KB Smash the Psoas x 5-10 breaths/side Watch the video below to learn how to properly perform these movements! (Make sure you consult a physician before you before any of these movements depending on your back pain)

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